California Tuscan Style Homes

The Tuscan style of architecture with it’s origins, in the Tuscan region of Italy, are unique and well appreciated. The development of the California Tuscan Style has come to represent the blending of this authentic “Old World” architecture with the conveniences of modern world construction.

One feature that readily distinguishes the Tuscan Style is the choice of windows. Kolbe and Kolbe “Old World Classic” windows crafted in sustainable “Lamboo” materials are just one example matching our passion for creating the California Tuscan style.

There is great art to be found in combining emerging technologies that support green sustainable practices without compromising quality. Isn’t that really the best of both the new and “Old World?”

Green Solutions: While the construction industry has been working for several years with optional Green Certifications, January 1, 2011, California adopted the Cal Green Building Standards as a part of the State Building Code. While several of the materials in these units are 100 percent recyclable all units are manufactured with 25 to 75% recycled material content , minimizing the environmental footprint and maximizing LEED credits.

Energy Star Assemblies are available that provide double the efficiency required to obtain the Energy Star Rating.

Warranties: Kolbe, provides a 10 year limited warranty on wood and Lifetime limited warranty on Vinyl products. Source: Kolbe / used with permission

New Green Construction: This year brings with it an added benefit in the construction of all new homes. All homes constructed after January 1, 2011 meet new California Green Building Code.

Construction Information:

Lots/land: We maintain a database of beautiful California golf course, waterfront and airport/airpark parcels for the construction of your new home.

Plan/Design: Access an archive of proven California Tuscan Style plans or allow our team to create a custom design tailored to your dreams.

Builder: Experience the difference of our company’s 34 years of design/build history in the construction of your next home. Chain Enterprises

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