I just wanted to acknowledge and say, "thank you" for the care and thoughtfulness that you've put into making [my house] a place to call, "home." The detail from the choice of paint colors, humidity controls, window, cabinets, appliances, and of course the fence, have really made this a special place!

M. S.
We woke up one morning and had the hobbie shop/boat garage that we always wanted. Steve and his crew began working the day after the permit was obtained and didnt stop working until the job was completed. A crew was on the job nearly every day. The quick in-and-out work made less impact on my neigbors during construction. All employees were friendly, knowledgable, and hard working. We had no surprises and no false promises. No messes were left at the end of the day. Steve called or emailed me every day or two to provide updates on progress and next-day plans. He even took cell phone pictures and emailed me photos of the progress while I was working out of town. Honest, quality work, quick, and excellent followup.

Dale Shippelhoute
I can't imagine how I could have been better served by Chain Enterprises. The entire building process went smoothly and quickly. I would recommend this Family run business to anyone thinking about any building project. They are honest and upfront. Many thanks to Steve and crew!!

Gary Morine